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Worry is Stupid

Tom Baker

Don't WORRY there's more...

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In the Press

What a wise, helpful, and fun book! Tom Baker doesn’t speak as an “outsider of the human race.” He’s been there, done that, and has the sweat soaked t-shirt. What Tom Baker writes is incredibly valuable, balanced, and true. Worry Is Stupid is a book I’m going to read once a year and, when it gets really bad, once a week. Each time I read it, I’ll rise up and call Tom blessed. You will too!

Steve Brown, author, seminary professor and broadcaster, host of Key Life Ministries

This powerful explanation of the pervasive effects of worry and our often misguided attempts to deal with it speaks clearly to those of us who con- sider ourselves too responsible to let go of our addiction to worry as well as those of us who like to think of ourselves as calm, laid-back characters.
In Worry Is Stupid, Tom Baker provides readers with a much needed differentiation between healthy levels of concern, which lead to compassionate and responsible living, and toxic levels of worry, which destroy our health and steal life’s joy. Baker shares from the wisdom he has gained through his own hard fought battles with worry. Readers will find it especially helpful to learn that worry cannot be defeated through the decision not to worry, which paradoxically leads us to fruitlessly worry about our worries. Instead, Worry Is Stupid helps readers learn how acceptance, trust, and faith lead to a life of joy, compassion, and gratitude.

Media spin, vague texts, endless social posts. In today’s world of over-communication, the challenge of excessive worry appears to be a cultural conundrum for our society. Through Worry Is Stupid, Tom Baker will guide you through the simple steps of gaining proper perspective about life. He shares what’s really important enough to worry about and how to manage those situations to the best of your ability.

Scott Brun, Former VP of Programming, Alternative Distribution, Discovery Communications, President, ManAttic

Wil Cantrel, Author of Unafraid & Unashamed, Associate Pastor at Concord United Methodist



Tom Baker has worked in entertainment, radio and television for over 35 years. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee and has been a TV and radio writer & producer since 1987.  Work history includes an ad agency writer/ producer, a radio & television commercial writer/producer/editor, senior video editor for a various production companies, producing music soundtracks and choreographing fireworks shows, cable series producer/editor - working on shows for A&E, Discovery, Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, DIY, GAC and the Cooking Channel. He is Executive Producer/Owner of a TV production company (Cobblestone Entertainment, LLC) in Knoxville, TN. 

Tom, age 57, has been a musician since age 5, first playing piano and then switching to drums at age 8. He is also a published author and public speaker. Very active in his church, he plays drums in the contemporary worship band, teaches Sunday School to 8th and 9th graders and produces videos for the worship services and website. Tom and his wife, Michelle, of 21 years and four children (Carolyn, Sophie, Chloe and Cristian) love animals, They have 4 rescue dogs (including Mango), a rescue cat and a fish. He and his family enjoy hiking in the Smoky Mountains, camping and playing tag and board games past bedtime.  

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